The YouTube video titled, “This Shop Made Over $100,000 Selling AI Art” by Alek, details how a shop generated over six figures in profit within a year by selling AI digital art downloads. Here’s a summary:

Business Model Overview:

  • The shop leveraged AI tools like Mid Journey to create and sell digital art.
  • Profit was significant due to low overhead costs.
  • The process involves using AI to turn text prompts into sellable artwork.

Market Analysis:

  • The video explores successful Etsy shops selling similar AI-generated art.
  • These shops demonstrate significant profits, with examples of sales exceeding $300,000.
  • Popular art styles include rustic, vintage, and moody themes.
  • The video emphasizes researching to understand what art sells well.

Creating Art with AI:

  • Mid Journey, an AI image generator, is the primary tool used.
  • The AI creates artwork based on text prompts, which can be refined for quality.
  • Different settings in Mid Journey are explored to produce various art styles.
  • The video provides strategies for generating art that aligns with market trends.

Selling the Art:

  • Artwork is sold as digital downloads, primarily on platforms like Etsy.
  • Importance of using professional mockups for listings is highlighted.
  • The video discusses resizing artwork into popular aspect ratios and using mockups effectively.
  • Additional tips include using print-on-demand services to offer physical prints.

Scaling the Business:

  • Suggests diversifying into physical prints via print-on-demand.
  • Recommends maintaining separate shops for digital and physical products.
  • Encourages viewers to take action based on the success stories shared.

The video titled “The BEST A.I. Passive Income Side Hustle 2024” by Alek, uploaded on January 6, 2024, explores a profitable side hustle using AI to create and sell digital art. The video is 17 minutes and 4 seconds long and has garnered significant attention with over 573,927 views and 15,799 likes.

Summary of the Video Content:

  • The creator discusses a business model where an individual made over six figures in profits by selling AI-generated digital art.
  • The process involves using AI image generators like Mid Journey, which convert text prompts into artwork.
  • The creator emphasizes the importance of research to understand what types of artwork sell best.
  • Detailed instructions are provided on how to use Mid Journey, including setting up and optimizing image generation.
  • The creator also covers how to resize images for different aspect ratios and prepare them for sale.
  • The video suggests selling these artworks on platforms like Etsy to reach a large audience.
  • Additionally, it discusses scaling the business by offering physical prints through print-on-demand services.

Viewer Comments:

  • Some viewers are skeptical, like @JacquesvanWyk, who reminds others that the video is made for clicks and revenue.
  • @DeadlyApples666 expresses a concern that such businesses should not be supported over real artists who have spent years honing their skills.
  • @Arminso-pj8dr shares their personal experience of earning through a monetized YouTube channel.
  • @JenniferBrighton-ij7pk discusses learning to be a better investor and making profits.

Metadata Insights:

  • The video is categorized under ‘Education’ and uses tags like “AI side hustle,” “Make money with AI,” and “AI Art business,” emphasizing its focus on leveraging AI for income generation.

For more detailed insights, you can watch the video here.