Add a custom button in Google Sheets | by Eric Koleda | Medium

Eric Koleda explains a straightforward method to enhance Google Sheets by adding a custom button, transforming the spreadsheet into a more app-like experience. This button can automate actions, such as inserting a new row with pre-populated data, thereby simplifying repetitive tasks. Here’s a brief rundown of the process:

  1. Creating a Button: Use Google Drawings within Sheets to create an image that will serve as the button, which can then be positioned as desired within the spreadsheet.
  2. Writing the Script: Utilize Google Apps Script to write a function, such as addRow(), that performs the desired action – in this case, appending a new row with the current date and time.
  3. Linking the Button to the Script: Assign the script to your button through the spreadsheet’s UI, ensuring the function name matches exactly. Upon clicking the button for the first time, you’ll need to authorize the script to run, allowing it to modify the spreadsheet.
  4. Execution and Simplification: After setup, clicking the button will execute the script, inserting a new timestamped row. Koleda also introduces an alternative using Coda, where buttons are a built-in feature, showcasing a simpler method for achieving similar functionality without the need for custom scripting.

This guide not only demonstrates the practicality of enhancing spreadsheets with custom buttons but also highlights the potential for Google Sheets to serve as a foundation for more complex applications.,ensuring%20the%20name%20matches%20exactly.