TipTap image resize extension – DEV Community

The article discusses the development of a script that extends the TipTap text editor, an open-source editor known for its various extensions and built-in options, with a crucial functionality it lacked: image resizing. This extension, specifically designed for React (apologies to Vue and other frameworks), allows users to resize images directly within the editor interface. Installation is straightforward, requiring either npm i tiptap-imagresize or yarn add tiptap-imagresize, followed by importing the ImageResize module into the editor’s initialization. The post details how to replace the existing image module with the ImageResize module or simply add it if it doesn’t exist. Furthermore, it covers customization options, such as changing the resize icon with a simple configuration function, using React-icons as an example. The article also provides general (S)CSS styling tips for the image resizer and encourages feedback and issue reporting via the author’s repository.

In summary, this extension enriches the TipTap text editor by adding an image resizing feature, making it more versatile for users who require dynamic content editing capabilities.