The video titled “Write Prompts like THIS for Success in Midjourney V6” by Future Tech Pilot, published on January 9, 2024, explores the changes in prompting techniques for Midjourney Version 6. The video is approximately 8 minutes and 43 seconds long.

Video Summary:

  • Introduction to Changes in Prompting: The video starts by noting how prompting in Midjourney has evolved. Previously, keywords, feelings, emotions, and vibes were used to guide the AI, but the new system allows for more detailed explanations.
  • Example of the New Meta: An example is given to illustrate the detailed nature of prompts in the new system. The example includes characters, their appearances, emotions, and settings.
  • Rhythm of Prompting (2-4-2 Rhythm): The narrator introduces a rhythmic approach called ‘2-4-2’ for crafting prompts. This involves starting with the subject and setting, followed by detailed descriptions, and ending with the overall atmosphere or emotion.
  • Step-by-Step Process for Prompting: The video presents a five-step process for adapting to the new prompting style:
    1. Start Small: Write initial prompts using commas, noting how the results differ from expectations.
    2. Prompt Expectations: Insert specific expectations into the prompt.
    3. Dry Off the Prompt: Rewrite the prompt in a straightforward, instructive manner.
    4. Add Emotions: Include feelings, emotions, or vibes at the end of prompts.
    5. Experiment and Expand: Modify and add details to the prompt, going beyond the original vision.
  • Using Parameters: The narrator also discusses the use of parameters like ‘stylize’ and ‘chaos’ to refine the prompt results.
  • Additional Tips and Resources: The video provides a link to a free PDF with examples and details on the 242 rhythm and encourages experimenting with different styles and parameters.

Key Points:

  • The shift in Midjourney V6 requires more detailed and narrative-style prompting.
  • The 2-4-2 rhythm is a useful structure for creating effective prompts.
  • Experimentation and iteration are crucial for mastering the new prompting style.
  • Parameters can significantly influence the output and should be used thoughtfully.

Watch the full video for a comprehensive guide and examples: Write Prompts like THIS for Success in Midjourney V6.