The video titled “How I use AI to boost productivity while coding” by Kevin Powell, published on December 19, 2023, explores the use of artificial intelligence to enhance productivity in coding. Kevin Powell demonstrates using a tool called Pieces, which integrates AI with other productivity tools, focusing on how AI can assist in building a project with CSS and other web development tasks. The video has a duration of 32 minutes and 17 seconds and has garnered 30,447 views, 1,037 likes, and 143 comments.

In the video, Kevin emphasizes AI’s role as a productivity tool rather than a job replacement. He showcases how AI can be used to quickly generate CSS from a design system, integrate code with VS Code, and create complex grids using prompts. He also highlights the convenience of importing GitHub Gists, extracting code from images and screenshots, and saving useful snippets found on the web. The tool, Pieces, offers a VS Code extension, allowing users to access these features directly within the editor.

Kevin also mentions the importance of AI in being productive while coding, particularly in a context where many apps are involved. Pieces is presented as a solution that brings together chatbots and other tools in one place to facilitate productivity.

The video includes timestamps for easy navigation through various sections, such as creating a CSS starter based on a design system, using GPT-4 inside of VS Code, and creating grids with prompts.

As for the comments on the video, there are currently no specific comments available to highlight. However, the overall engagement with the video suggests a positive reception from the audience.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.