Oldest Websites Still Running

The internet, a vast digital landscape, has evolved significantly from its inception, transitioning from a handful of simplistic, single-purpose websites to today’s intricate web of information and interaction. Amidst this transformation, a select group of pioneering websites has endured, offering a glimpse into the digital past. This article highlights twelve of the oldest websites that are still accessible, each marking a distinct point in internet history with its unique purpose and legacy.

  1. Interrupt Technology Corporation (Registered: September 18, 1986) – A minimalist site, it represents the earliest web presence.
  2. Vortex Technology (Registered: October 27, 1986) – Focuses on internet privacy, regulation, and management.
  3. Texas Internet Consulting (Registered: April 23, 1987) – Offers consulting for network and systems architecture and design.
  4. Toad Hall (Registered: August 18, 1987) – Provides education on a fairer internet experience.
  5. Caine, Farber & Gordon (Registered: November 2, 1987) – A software and systems professional firm.
  6. ACME (Registered: April 17, 1991) – Offers JavaScript, maps, and instructional resources.
  7. The First Web Page (Registered: August 6, 1991) – A landmark site explaining the World Wide Web.
  8. ALIWEB (Registered: May 1994) – The first web search engine.
  9. Milk Kommunikations Ko-Op (Registered: July 18, 1994) – A whimsical site with no defined purpose.
  10. The San Francisco Fog Cam! (Registered: 1994) – The oldest operating webcam.
  11. Travel Assist Magazine (Registered: 1995) – The first online travel magazine.
  12. Spork (Registered: 1995) – Dedicated to the spoon-fork hybrid utensil.

These websites serve as digital time capsules, preserving the early days of the internet when simplicity ruled and the digital realm was less crowded. They remind us of a time when the internet was a burgeoning field, ripe with potential and unexplored possibilities.