Thomas Frank’s video “How to get everything you want this year” is a comprehensive guide to setting and achieving your goals. In this video, Frank shares a personal anecdote about feeling overwhelmed by his diverse commitments and responsibilities, which led him to devise a structured planning exercise. This exercise is designed to help individuals gain clarity on their desires for the year and outline a concrete strategy for attaining them. The process involves answering six key questions, resulting in three distinct to-do lists or action items. Frank emphasizes the importance of creating “high pressure” for productivity by narrowing focus to a smaller set of priorities, thus making better use of limited resources like time and energy.

Frank categorizes goals into six areas: personal growth, business/career/finance, leadership/community, health, relationships, and fun/daily experience. He highlights the significance of ensuring that these goals align with one’s average daily experience and truly matter on a personal level. The video also covers the necessity of identifying projects (as opposed to simple tasks), establishing systems and habits for regular progress, and considering what might need to be cut from one’s life to achieve focused goals.

The video has garnered positive responses in the comments section, with viewers sharing their own experiences and expressing gratitude for the insights provided. One viewer shared their story of temporarily giving up leisure reading to study for a professional qualification, underscoring the video’s message about making sacrifices for larger goals. Another highlighted the motivational aspect of the video, especially after a period of illness at the start of the year. Comments also reflect appreciation for Frank’s return to content creation and suggestions for future topics related to execution and overcoming obstacles like fear and distraction.

Metadata for the video reveals it was published on January 26, 2024, has over 65,000 views, 3,000 likes, and 165 comments. It falls under the education category, emphasizing productivity, planning, and goal-setting. This high engagement and the positive tone of the comments indicate the video’s impactful advice and Frank’s effective communication skills.

Watch the full video here: How to get everything you want this year for detailed insights into achieving clarity and setting actionable goals for personal and professional growth.