The video titled “7 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Working In 2024… Exactly What to Do” by Adam Enfroy covers a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and fixing common issues that prevent blogs from achieving desired rankings, traffic, and revenue. Here’s a summary of the insights and solutions provided in the video, along with metadata and comments information:

Video Summary:

Adam Enfroy discusses several key reasons blogs fail to perform and offers actionable advice on how to address these issues. The main points include:

  • Lack of Backlinks: Emphasizes the importance of building your domain’s authority to improve rankings.
  • Topical Authority Issues: Advises narrowing your content focus to establish expertise in specific niches.
  • Content Quality: Stresses the need for high-quality, helpful content tailored to audience needs.
  • Design and Navigation: Highlights the importance of user-friendly website design for keeping visitors engaged.
  • Wrong Niche Selection: Suggests reevaluating your niche if it’s too competitive or not aligned with your passion.
  • Insufficient Patience: Reminds that SEO and content marketing success takes time and persistence.

Enfroy also discusses strategies for auditing your blog, pivoting your approach if necessary, and the importance of diversifying traffic sources beyond Google SEO.


  • Published on: January 15, 2024
  • Duration: 36 minutes and 38 seconds
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  • Tags: Includes “blog audit”, “blogging advice”, “SEO for blogging”, “blogging strategies”, “affiliate marketing blog”, and more.


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This video serves as a valuable resource for bloggers looking to enhance their site’s performance in 2024, with Enfroy providing a mix of strategic insights and practical tips. You can watch the video for a more in-depth understanding and to see all the recommendations in action here.